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Since 2012, Fritz Soluciones has supplied restaurants, taco shops and other meat slicing businesses (preparing kebab, Arab and/or al pastor doner style meat) with the machinery and solutions to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and save on personnel expenses.

Our technology offers efficiency gains to both existing owners of restaurants and taco shops, as well as to entrepreneurs entering the restaurant industry for the first time.

We provide businesses working within the meat preparation sector with a faster, easier and more effective way of producing and cutting meat, allowing them to better service the needs of their clients and customers.

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Meat Slicer for Taco Shops and

Reduced personnel expenses: With the meat cutter, anyone can slice meat without the need for a specialized taquero (taco maker) or someone already experienced in producing meat in the al pastor style. Meat is sliced quickly and efficiently. Slice thickness can be adjusted between 0 and 10 millimetres, optimizing meat yield by 20%.

Fast Food Doner Robot – 100% Automated Technology for Taco Shops and Restaurants

The only 100% automated meat slicer in the market, for entrepreneurs and restaurant owners who want to stand out with an innovative product that gives exclusivity to their business.

Production of Sliced Meat

Our Doner Robot provides the opportunity for meat packers to offer a new product line to their existing clientele: cooked and sliced, ready-to-eat meat for tacos, kebabs or gyros. These products can be sold and distributed in supermarket chains or convenience stores.
The industrial version of our Doner Robot facilitates this automated meat slicing process with a high-throughput design to achieve daily high-volume production under extreme conditions.
Fritz Soluciones has all the necessary accessories to complete the production chain, such as molds, lifts and conveyor belts, and is able to provide full transportation solutions for all products.
The Fritz Soluciones Doner Robot cooks and slices the meat automatically. Once the meat has been prepared by the robot, the process is complete by vacuum packaging the product with inert gases, or freezing and packing in bags.
Fritz Soluciones has ample experience in implementing Doner Robot installation projects in Mexico, the United States, and Spain. 

Industrial Doner Robot 

The only 100% automated meat slicer in the market, for entrepreneurs and businessmen that want to stand out with an innovative product and give exclusivity to their business.
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