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Our mission is to provide taco shops or taquerías with a faster, easier and more efficient way to make tacos, at the same time reducing costs, increasing productivity and profit, and offering a better service to their clients. 

More and more Mexican Taquerías are now enjoying the benefits of having the MEAT SLICER. For entrepreneurs looking to open a new taco shop: include the meat slicer investment in your initial budget to optimize costs and profits! 

Meat slicer: a product that taco shops, franchises and catering taco joints of all sizes have been waiting for in order to reduce overhead and improve margins. 


Meat slicing technology was originally developed in the Middle East, used in Gyros, Kebabs, Falafel and Shawarma businesses. The meat is cut using the vertical spit-roasting method, or trompo, and has nowadays gained popularity in Europe due to large immigration from Middle Eastern and North African to European countries.
Since 2012, we have been importing technological solutions to Mexico for the thousands of taquerías in the country. We have named these technologies the: TACO MEAT SLICER and the DONER ROBOT (TAQUERO ROBOT).

History of the taco in Mexico

The tortilla is the most popular food product in Mexico and has been an important part of the gastronomic culture of the region since the Mesoamerican period.  Almost five thousand years ago the tortilla made its appearance as a result of the growing of maize, the use of the metate (stone with a concave surface to grind grains) and the clay comal. Today, 90% of the Mexican population include tortillas in their daily consumption. 

Ancient Mexicans would eat their tortillas with a variety of cooked fillings, resulting in the now-famous taco. Today, we can find a great variety of tacos and they are one of the most popular foods in Mexico. Of all the different taco styles, probably the most distinctive are “Arab tacos” and pastor-style tacos, both resulting from the historical fusion of Mexican and Arab cuisines.

Arab tacos originated in the city of Puebla and are popular in central Mexico. Invented by Iraqi immigrants, they were originally prepared with mutton, although they are now typically prepared with pork as this proved more popular with locals. Corn tortillas were first used for this taco, eventually being replaced by wheat tortillas that taqueros called “Arab bread”, which gave rise to the name “Arab taco” for this style. Nowadays you can find “Arab style” tortas, cemitas (a kind of bread roll) and quesadillas, in addition to tacos – all of these products use the same sliced meat filling. Arab tacos first extended throughout the city of Puebla and afterwards to the rest of Mexico.
Meat preparation is very important. First, the characteristic shape is produced by stacking thin pork slices on a spinning metallic rotisserie until they form the shape of a spinning top, or trompo in Spanish. This trompo is then slowly cooked in a vertical position until the meat is slightly browned, and a thin slice is cut from the cooked exterior. The meat falls from the spit and the taquero then prepares the taco. The rest of the meat will continue cooking as the trompo slowly turns.

Al pastor style tacos are one of the most popular in the rest of the country. The main difference from the Arab style is the meat marinade: a mix of ingredients such as achiote, species and red ground chili that give it its distinctive color. It is slightly spicy, prepared in a small corn tortilla and adding cilantro, onion, pineapple and sauces. Voila, the traditional al pastor style taco. Of course, as with the Arab style there are different varieties of dishes using al pastor style meat, prepared with flour tortillas, in tortas, gringas (between two flour tortillas and adding cheese), etc.


Fritz Soluciones is supported by the history of a national company with great expertise and a track record of success in the meat and sausage industry. Salchichonería Fritz, our Fritz delicatessen shop in the city of Puebla, has delighted Mexican families with our products for more than 80 years and now proudly presents the machinery that will transform the taco industry. The Fritz brand is synonymous with quality, prestige, and service.

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